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Mabula Pro Safaris offer you the ultimate experience in African bow hunting.
We use a variety of bow hunting blinds from which to ambush trophy plains game animals - from elevated blinds in strategic areas to ground blinds and tree blinds placed strategically along game paths. Ground blinds are normally placed in close proximity to waterholes for bow hunters. We find this often results in a high success rate during the early morning or late afternoons.Mabula Pro Safaris is looking forward to share with you an African bow hunting experience that goes well beyond the ordinary.

bow hunting hide

Our well-camouflaged bow hunting hides are already strategically placed.

bow hunter in tree

Hunter hidden in tree hide

bow hunter in tree hide

Closeup image of hunter hidden in tree hide

hunter with bow

Time for target practice

Bow hunter testing his bow before setting off on an African Bow Hunting Safari.




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