Hunting Zambia



Zambia recently opened it's doors to hunters again and we have extended our operation there.
Zambia is a beautiful country with an abundance of game and many an exceptional trophy!
The current season has seen many more hunters going to Zambia.

We offer an exciting 7 day Swamp Safari and a 10 day Swamp and Plains Game safari.
Experience exciting hunts with breathtaking scenery!

Apart from hunting Zambia offers some world famous tourist destinations like
the Victoria Falls and Kafui National Park. These are ideal to visit after your hunt.





More about Zambia

Zambia is peaceful, friendly and covers a fascinating and varied part of sub-tropical Africa. Zambia is steeped in culture with 73 different native tribes each with their own languages & traditions.

Zambia is English speaking and widely considered to be one of the 'safest' countries in Africa to visit. Her people are happy and welcoming and are Zambia's best asset.

Zambia has 19 National Parks, three of which are recognised as probably the most important National Parks in Africa; the Lower Zambezi, South Luangwa & Kafue National Park. The standard of Guiding in Zambia is second to none anywhere in Africa and some of Africa's "voted best" safari lodges can be found in Zambia.

Its six month dry/wet cycle, rich & varied habitat, and unspoilt forests and vast grass plains are drained by three of Africa's largest rivers -  the Zambezi, the Kafue, and the Luangwa. Each river provides the ideal ingredients that contribute to Zambia being one of the greatest and most abundant wildlife refuges in Africa.

Each river is different in character and as such provide unique environments for wildlife. Natives named the rivers by their colour - the Zambezi is known as the 'blue river', the Kafue is known 'green river' and the Luangwa as the 'brown river'.

The country also encompasses several large lakes including Tanganyika, Mweru, Itezhi-tezhi and the well known Lake Kariba. The Victoria Falls in Livingstone is of course one of the Seven wonders of the world and the town of Livingstone has become Africa's "Adventure Capital" popular with ALL types of tourists and a 'must see' destination for any African traveller.




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